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How To Sell Feet Pics Using the Best Websites and Apps

Selling feet pictures for money is a big deal these days and you can make a lot of money selling yours as well.

There are millions of people around the world who love feet and are spending a lot of money buying feet pics and videos. These people have what is called a “foot fetish”.


What is Foot Fetish?

Foot fetish is simply strong love and/or desire for feet. Anyone who has this love is said to have a foot fetish.


History of Foot Fetish

Foot fetish has been practiced for many centuries. Many countries and cultures have embraced this concept. It is not surprising that many people still have strong connections with it today. 

There have been some historical pieces of evidence that reveal the practice of foot fetishism in mainstream societies.

Psychologists Havelock Ellis and Sigmund Freud wrote about Foot fetishism in their different studies and essays published in 1897 and 1905 respectively. 

Ellis mentioned foot fetishism in his “Studies of the Psychologies of Sex”, while Freud addressed “foot fetishism” in his essay titled “The Sexual Aberrations”.  

Some of these pieces of evidence include: 

In the poems of ancient Greek writer named Philostratus, there were recorded instances of foot fetishism. 

In his erotic poems titled “To a Barefoot woman” and “To a Barefoot Boy” you will get to know of what causes foot fetish. 

The references were made in the book titled “The Erotics of Feet in Ancient Greece” by Daniel B. Levin published in 2005. 

You can also check out the evidence in “The Letters of Alciphron, Aelian, and Philostratus” written by A.R. Benner and F.H. Forbes in 1949. 

  • In the book, “Life in the Middle Ages Volume 3: Men and Manners Chapter 30 – Tricks of Trade” by G.G. Coulton published in 1923, a reference was made of foot fetish by Bertold of Regensburg, a German preacher during the high Middle Ages, in 1220. 
  • In the 1999 book “Phantoms in the Brain: Probing the Mysteries of the Human Mind”, published after studying amputees, Neuroscientist V. S. Ramachandran postulated that the mapping of the human brain has a link between the feet and toes to the genitalia. 

This could be a reason why some people are foot fetishists.


Making Money Selling Feet Pictures

With the many people out there who have this foot fetish, it’s very easy to make money selling your feet pictures to them.

The most important thing is to find the right sites and apps that you can join, to start connecting with foot fetishists and selling to them.

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Why do people buy foot pictures? 

Foot pictures are bought by different people for different reasons. The common reasons for buying these pictures include: 

  • They are bought by those with a foot fetish to satisfy their strong sexual attraction with the foot. 
  • They are bought by bloggers or webmasters who need visual content that would complement their posts or articles. 
  • They are bought by modeling agencies who want to recruit the best foot models for their campaigns. 
  • They are bought by companies or brands that sell products that are related to the feet. These pictures are used to advertise products like footwear, clothing, beauty products, pieces of jewelry, medications, and services that are related to the feet. 

sell feet pics

So, yes, to summarise: 

  • The demand for feet pictures are high, and there are different kinds of buyers 
  • Selling of feet pictures brings in quick money for those with these pictures
  • Feet pictures business is a flexible one. You can well when you want and how you want. 
  • Selling of feet pictures is very convenient as you can sell from the convenience of your home using your mobile phones or computers
  • Selling of feet pictures does not require a huge financial investment. You can get started with your smartphone and some free photo editing software online.


How much do you make to sell feet pictures?

On average, people who sell feet pictures can earn between $5 – $100 per picture. However, you can still earn more. Some of the factors that could make you earn more include: 

  • The quality of your pictures
  • The quantity you sell 
  • The platform through which you sell the pictures
  • The number of clients and the location, etc.


Sites or Apps For Selling Feet Pics

Below are some sites you can use to sell your feet pics and make money online:

1. Feetify

This is the best site out there for selling feet pics. It allows anyone to join for free and start posting pictures or videos to get the attention of foot lovers.

While they have a premium version, they still allow anyone to join for free and start posting enough pictures or videos.


2. Geebo

Geebo is a unique community based classified ad website. This is a community created by people, for people and designed to fill the void left by online classified ads. 

You can utilize the features and tools of this to buy and sell items to those in your neighborhood. 

Using Geebo is way cheaper and better than using your local newspaper to advertise your products. 


3. FreeAdsTime

This is a local classifieds website. You can use it to post advert of your feet photos and other items. 

On this platform, you will find different categories like rent, apartments for rent, roommates, local jobs, pets, vehicles, for sale items, and other available categories. 


4. Oodle

This is an innovative online classified ad website. It utilizes the power of social media to help users buy, sell, and trade items. 

Oodle operates a network of online marketplaces with more than 15 million monthly unique users. 

You can utilize the features of this site to sell your feet pictures. 


5. Locanto

This is a website that offers users with classified ads. You can also use this platform to post ads of your feet pictures.

This site offers free user-to-user classified ads in all major cities in the United States. You can post an ad at no cost with Locanto!

A major benefit of using Locanto is that you can reach a much larger audience. You can also post upload pictures or add a link to your website. 


6. Yesbackpage

This is one of the classified ads websites that are seen as the best alternative to the now seized “”. 

YesBackpage offers classifieds on different items listed under different categories and subcategories. 

You can sign up with the site if you want to sell your feet pictures to those around you. 

The benefits of using this platform to sell your feet pictures include that: 

  • You are allowed to post your feet pictures for free under the different categories 
  • You can post your photo adverts in a matter of seconds. 
  • You will easily get buyers that are interested in your feet pictures because a lot of adult buyers that use this site. 


sell feet pics websites apps


Tips on the best techniques to sell feet pictures on these sites 

There are many websites out there. You can sell your feet pictures on these sites if you apply the right techniques. 

That said, here tips on the best techniques to sell feet pictures on these sites 

  • Sign up with the website and create your profile. Every platform has its requirements when it comes to creating an account. So, you should comply with the directives and sign up. The good thing is that most of these platforms offer free sign-up. 
  • Use watermark on the samples of the feet pictures you display on sell feet pics websites. This will help protect your pictures from being copied. 
  • Leave a link or code on your page so that users can access them to visit your website or landing page to buy your feet photos. 
  • Don’t leave your contact when selling feet pictures on these platforms 

Selling feet pictures on these apps or websites is easy and feasible. There are techniques you can apply to this selling successful. 



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